BioElectric Shields

The BioElectric Shield, an EMF protection pendant, uses Earth Resonance Technology to protect you from EMF and other unhealthy energies in your environment.

Using principles of Nobel Prize winning traditional physics and quantum physics, Earth Resonance Technology (E.R.T.) was created. Inside each Shield is a matrix of precision-cut quartz and other crystals designed to balance and strengthen your natural energy field. The Shield technology strengthens your energy in 3 ways:

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Ideal for you if you want:
Level 1 - EMF Protection for Children

brass bioelectricshield

Example- Brass

Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation and other unhealthy energies for babies and children
Level 2 - Essential Plus heart bioelectricshield
Example - Silver Heart Style
Very Good protection if you use a computer, cell phone, cordless phone, live around wireless or use other electronics. (There is no place these days where you can get away from wireless.)
Level 3 - Premium silver with gold tab bioelectric shield
Example - Silver with Yellow or White Gold Tabs
Excellent protection if you use a computer or cell phone frequently, or are sensitive to EMF or are an HSP or Empath sensitive to other people's energy, stress or negativity.
Level 4 - Ultimate 14k bioelectric shield
Example - All 14K Gold or White Gold
Strongest protection available - provides outstanding protection from all forms of draining energy - from EMF or other people's stress and negativity and the maximum in energy balancing. We suggest that if you aren't sure, you send in your photo to see if this is the Shield for you.
Individually Customized Shield Customs are Available in Any Style If you are very sensitive, have health issues, or want the most best personalized emf protection and energy balancing. Send in photo for analysis.
Room Shield Brass - Stand can be purchased also Neutralizes any unhealthy energy in a room including EMF's or stressful energy
ADD/ADHD Shield Add ADD/ADHD matrix to any style Level 2, 3 or 4 Shield

ADD/ADHD focusing matrix will help you get back your focus.

  • Available in Level 2, 3 or 4 style Shields.
  • Not available on Level 1 Shields
  • Level 2 is best on all silver. 
International Shields International Matrix is available for any style Shield If you live outside of the United States or Canada, you will need to order an international matrix for your country. Read more.
Shield Recharge and Repair
Recharge your Shield or have worn top loop replaced. Your Shield will be recharged to 100% power once again and polished to look as close to new as possible. 

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